Colin Spencer

I have been researching my ancestors for nearly 30 years and am now concentrating my studies on my paternal grandmothers maiden name.

Sep 302013
 September 30, 2013  Posted by at 8:41 am News

Following on from yesterdays success with finding some Spanish records I also found some Swiss ones.

I have added 17 individuals to the new Switzerland page. There are some births and some marriages. I now need to see if I can find some more Swiss and Spanish ones.

Sep 292013
 September 29, 2013  Posted by at 3:53 pm News

Following yesterday’s success of finding one Spanish record to start my Spain country study I found an additional 111 individuals who I have now entered into the Spanish database.

I have found a mixture of birth, marriage and census records. Virtually all of these records list the names of the subjects parents and so in some cases I managed to track an additional generation.

The unusual thing about Spanish surnames is that children inherit both parents surnames in they then are included in the surname of the child, one as the first surname and one as the second surname. This also makes tracking people down so much easier and also really aids family reconstructions.

One interesting record I found was that of a lady of 66 years old marrying a man of only 46 years of age. This took place in 1883 so it looks like ‘Toy Boys’ were know long before the current era.

The most common variant of the surname in Spain from these records is Lefebre.

Sep 282013
 September 28, 2013  Posted by at 8:12 am News

Today I found one Spanish record of a lady resident in Barcelona at the end of the 1800’s. This was a great find as I now live in Spain and is my first trace of a Lefever variant in this my new adopted country. Looking at the original record, she like me, was listed as an extranjero someone born outside Spain. Hopefully I will be able to track down some more.

Sep 262013
 September 26, 2013  Posted by at 10:36 am News

I have recently tracked down some Italian LeFever records and so I have now added an Italian page to the site. The first data entry adds an additional 41 records to the dataset.

I have come across another couple of famous LeFever’s and will be adding them in the next few days.

Aug 032013
 August 3, 2013  Posted by at 9:43 am News

With the release of some new records on Family Search I have added an additional country to the database. The civil marriage registers for Natal province of South Africa have been transcribed and it is this data that I have added. This has added 12 families (24 individuals) to this dataset which is available here.

Inputting the data from the transcriptions is always precarious at the best of times and the original images should always be checked. I reconstruct the trees of the Lefever families using Family Historian and this software threw an error on one of the entries. It showed a 3 year old woman marrying a 62 year old man. A check of the image showed that it was a mis-transcription and the woman was actually 30 at the time of her marriage. This shows the value of checking your sources and always looking at the relevant original record wherever possible.

Jun 202013
 June 20, 2013  Posted by at 9:50 am News

I have added an additional 111 records to the Channel Islands data set. These are mainly births on Guernsey in the 1800’s.

This data is from the recently released parish records on Family Search.

Interesting facts from this data update

  • Three males with the surname Thoumine married three females with the surname Le Fevre. I wonder if they are all related? More research required, I just wish on-line research on the Channel Islands was easier.
  • For the first time in any of the Lefever research, any where in the world, that I have done I have come across records of twins being born. There are two sets of twins in this data update.
Jun 012013
 June 1, 2013  Posted by at 5:18 pm News

I have just done a fairly large data update to the GB data. There are now 2901 records displayed on this page. There are a few duplicates and my next task will be to track these down and combine the records. I also need to rationalise how I use Family Historian in conjunction with Excel as unfortunately I have managed to get them out of sync, so I have a large data cleansing exercise to undertake.

I have also updated some of the technology that runs the website and changed the way that the data tables are displayed. This is currently only live on the GB data set. You can now search for an individual record and choose how many records are displayed on a page. You can still sort each of the columns either ascending or descending. I intend to apply this new table display to the other pages over the next few days.

May 302013
 May 30, 2013  Posted by at 11:27 am News

As a result of my research yesterday I found an Adelaide Lefevre born in Barbados, West Indies.

Thanks to Bob Cumberbatch and Family Search I have now found a baptism entry for her and her brother and a burial entry for her father, Samuel, all in Barbados in the 1830’s. As a result I have added a new Barbados page to the website.

Go here to see the Barbados records.

May 292013
 May 29, 2013  Posted by at 5:34 pm News

I have been slowly working through the 1841 Census entries to ensure that I have all the Lefever’s recorded.

Out of the records I have entered today a significant percentage of them have been incarcerated in one place or another. This includes one woman in Warwick jail and a man in a prison hulk in Portsmouth harbour.

I found my first Lefevre born in the West Indies now to see if I can find out anything more about her.


May 192013
 May 19, 2013  Posted by at 5:26 pm News

I have done a small update today and added an additional twenty 1841 Census records to the GB data set.

I thought that I had the majority of the 1841 census records in the database. I started to do a check by county using the census distribution chart that I include in this site and searching through both Ancestry and Find My Past I have found additional records that weren’t in the distribution chart. One of the worst examples was Sussex where there were only supposed to be 2 records, I have in fact found 12 people in Sussex on the 1841 census. As a result I will now treat the census distribution as a rough guide in future.