Canada data added

I have received some initial data from a lady in Canada who is descended from Louis Lefebvre who was born in France probably in the mid 1600’s. As a result I have published a new Canada page with this initial information.  Hopefully I will be able to get some more details from her and other Canadian Lefebvre’s to add to this branch of the name.

GB data update

I have updated the GB file with an additional 191 birth records from London, Middlesex and Surrey between 1837 and 1900. I have heard from the contact in Canada and have her data to go through so I will be adding a Canada page in the coming days.

Marriage data update

I have resolved the issue with the marriage data not being displayed. I use PAF (Personal Ancestral File) for my data storage and to make my life easy I was doing a Lefever restricted export to Gedcom and then converting that to a CSV file to then display the data on this site. It seems that when you export restricted name data from PAF it doesn’t export the family data if the male spouse is not included in the export. This seems to be the only shortcoming that I have found with PAF so far, I will check the documentation to see if it is something that I am doing with the restricted export. I therefore did a full Gedcom export and then edited the file to remove the non-Lefever entries from it and the updated data including the marriage details is now displayed on the Lefever-GB page. Now back to doing some more transcribing.

GB names update

Today a further 60 names have been added to the Lefever GB page. I have just noticed that the marriage dates and places are not being displayed for Lefever females. This is something that I am looking into but seems to be a limitation of the way that Gedcom files store marriage attributes. If anyone has any input on / a fix for this I would like to hear from you. I have been in contact with a Lefever lady in Canada following a contact from a GOONS member and hopefully that will allow me to start to build some data for Canada.

GB data update

I have updated the GB file with some more Lefever data today. I have also altered the display of the GB data file to include marriage details where I know them so that may help you to find your ancestor more easily.

Data update

I have given up on the family tree plug-in for WordPress  as I can’t get it to perform the way I want and I can’t get any response from the developer. As a result I have put the data that I currently have into a simple table for both the FR and GB pages. If you want any information on any of the individuals listed please email me using the contact form. I will be adding more data to the UK page in the next few days.

French data added

I seem to have resolved the problem with the database and so have published the limited French details that I currently have. Data details:- 5 individuals, 3 families, 10 events, 0 attributes, 0 citations, 0 sources, 9 places. I will add the UK data that I have in the next couple of days as I bed down the functionality of the site.

New website

This website went live on 18th November 2011. I was hoping to upload the GB and the FR data that I have to start the site off. Unfortunately the plug-in that displays the data has got a bug in it that I need to resolve before I can make the data live. Hopefully I will get this resolved soon. This news page will be updated as more data is added.