Feb 282016
 February 28, 2016  Posted by at 6:25 pm News

I have updated the Lefever GB records set with 72 additional entries. I have also de-duplicated another 10 individuals and tied another 70+ single individuals into families. The majority of these changes have been made possible by the release of the 1939 Register. I have not even completed all the first name beginning with A entries in the 1939 Register yet so a lot more work to do.

Jan 222016
 January 22, 2016  Posted by at 5:10 pm News

Many new records have been added to the UK dataset. These are mainly from the late 1600’s through to the early 1800’s. There are now over 3,000 individuals in the UK dataset. I have also been adding some records to the Belgium and France datasets and I will be uploading these to the website in the next few days.

Dec 312015
 December 31, 2015  Posted by at 4:52 pm News

I have now finished inputting the remaining marriages in India into the database. This has added nearly 40 additional individuals to this record set. Whilst browsing the images on FindMyPast I found that several had been transcribed as India when in fact they occurred in Burma (now Myanmar). As a result I have added a new country and 26 individuals into this new record set. All data is now up to date on the website. I have an update to check and upload to the South Africa dataset and hope to have that available in the next few days.

Dec 292015
 December 29, 2015  Posted by at 5:08 pm News

FindMyPast has added several new sources to its Indian record collection. I have added a significant number of marriages to the Indian records mainly from the Calcutta area. I am about 50% of the way through inputting these new records so more to follow shortly.

Nov 222015
 November 22, 2015  Posted by at 7:14 pm News

Over the last few weeks I have updated the UK records with an additional 168 individuals. I have also added additional data to another 67 records and rectified 5 duplicate records. These new and updated records are mainly from the period 1700 to 1840 and the majority are non-conformist records. So if you have any early ancestors that you have not found previously now may be the time to search for them.

May 212015
 May 21, 2015  Posted by at 3:57 pm News

After some time off doing other things genealogical I have just done a fairly large update to the UK data file set. I have added 270 new records, updated just over 100 records adding additional life events and also pruned nearly 50 duplicate records.

I have added some data supplied by Simon Last and by Brian Hawkins. My thanks to them for contributing to this ongoing study.

Jul 282014
 July 28, 2014  Posted by at 2:51 pm News

On Friday as usual Family Search updated their list of new records. As normal I took a look at the records see if there were any Lefever’s contained in the new recordsets.

William Lefevre One of the new recordsets was Utah, Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, 1847-1868 on searching this set I found a ‘lost’ Lefever from Crowland in Lincolnshire. I already knew about William Lefevre, the son of John Lefevre and Ann Dalton, born in Crowland, Lincolnshire on 31st August 1833. His existence is mentioned on his father John’s memorial in Liverpool. This record on Family  Search also includes the photograph of William on the left side of this post.

William’s life, from what I have been able to piece together was both challenging and tragic. On 29th January 1849 aged 16 he emigrated from the UK to the USA, whist aboard ship in Liverpool waiting for a break in the weather his father John was taken ill and died on 26th January and was buried in Liverpool on the 29th, the day that the ship Zetland finally left Liverpool. The Zetland arrived in New Orleans on 1st April 1849 where William, his recently widowed mother Ann and sister Sarah and nephew Tom took passage on the steamship Iowa to St Louis where they arrived on 13th April. The story of the voyage is documented on the Mormon Migration website.

The family were all present in St Louis during the cholera outbreak in the summer of 1849. His nephew, sister and mother were all victims of the outbreak unfortunately Sarah did not recover and was one of the 4,500+ victims in a city of around 75,000.

So far I have found that William married Hannah and dies on 3rd March 1920 in Panquitch, Garfield, Utah, USA. I have yet to find any more of William’s life story, how he went from St Louis to Utah and how he became a pioneer of that state. So I still have plenty of research to do about him.

Jul 262014
 July 26, 2014  Posted by at 8:57 am News

After a couple of months doing other things I have just added another 67 records to the UK dataset.

A friend recently visited Devon and Wiltshire record offices doing some personal research and whist she was there she tracked down some Lefever records for me. As a result of the records she sent me I was able to create some more families and tie down a couple of strays that I had. Thanks to Kirsty Gray from Family Wise for getting these new records for me.

Feb 172014
 February 17, 2014  Posted by at 5:39 pm News

I found some data on births in India. These were British expatriates living in India during the 1800’s into the early 1900’s.

What I was expecting to find was a lot of births to British Servicemen who were serving in India but it turned out that most of the children who were born did not have fathers in military service.

There are a total of 27 individuals added so far and I have a similar number of records still to enter into my database.

Jan 302014
 January 30, 2014  Posted by at 11:24 am News

I was recently contacted by a Lefever descendant who lives in Canada. He passed on copies of some birth certificates of his UK ancestors. I had a certain amount of information already about his ancestors but this added some more significant clues to this particular family.

As a result I did some focussed research on this family which resulted in adding over 50 new records to the dataset BUT more importantly it allowed me to get rid of some duplicate entries.

Initial research indicates that we may be very distantly related through a common ancestor born in the early 1700’s. There is a lot more work to do before I can positively prove this though.

I store all the data that I find in my research and sometimes this is only a rough date and place for an event. It is clear that I may have data for the birth of a person, details of a marriage and death details. If I have found these as a result of separate research then they can be recorded as 3 entries. It is only when I can positively tie the three events to one individual that I can amalgamate the records and de-duplicate the data published here on the site.

My thanks to Ed for passing on these details and helping me to rationalise the database.