GB data update 3rd March 2012

I have added an additional 36 record to the GB data file today. They are mainly from the late 1800’s.

A few interesting facts that I found whist recording this latest update.

  • Emma Lefevre born in about 1821 in Hampshire in a large country house called Heckfield Place. In the 1891 census she was a 70 year old spinster employing 13 staff to look after her and the house. The house is currently (2012) being converted into a 70 room luxury hotel.
  • In Sunderland on the night of the 1891 census there was a visiting French ship the Alice Depeaux from Rouen and its captain was a Frederic Lefevre.
  • In Bedfordshire in 1891 Marie Lefevre 14 years old and her sister Angela 13 years old are employed as school teachers. I have heard of starting young but they would have only left school a couple of years before.

In this latest update there were several Lefevre’s born in France and so I will add their details to the FR data shortly.