Latest Lefever UK update

I have added an additional 117 records to the Lefever GB recordset. These records are a combination of early (1700-1800) baptism and death records mainly in London’s East End and some more 1939 Register entries. I have also managed to de-duplicate another 12 individual and family records and managed to find the families for 2 separate unlinked individuals.

I will shortly be publishing an updated set of Lefever South Africa records thanks to some information from Magdalen Savory who contacted me recently.

I also had a contact from a Claire Lefeuvre which is the usual Channel Islands variant spelling of the Lefever name. Eventually we managed to narrow down the fact that her grandfather changed the spelling of his surname and in fact he was actually a Lefever from the East End of London. What was even more rewarding was to find that we are distantly related, Claire is my 7th cousin once removed.