Lefever GB updated

I have today updated the Lefever GB database. I have added and additional 183 records all of these are Baptism, Burial and Marriage records from between 1700 and 1800 for the county of Lincolnshire. As a result of more data now being available I have also been able to de-duplicate an additional 12 records. There are now over 3,600 records in this database alone, there are no doubt more duplicated records that I will continue to consolidate as more information becomes available.

Latest Lefever UK update

I have added an additional 117 records to the Lefever GB recordset. These records are a combination of early (1700-1800) baptism and death records mainly in London’s East End and some more 1939 Register entries. I have also managed to de-duplicate another 12 individual and family records and managed to find the families for 2 separate unlinked individuals.

I will shortly be publishing an updated set of Lefever South Africa records thanks to some information from Magdalen Savory who contacted me recently.

I also had a contact from a Claire Lefeuvre which is the usual Channel Islands variant spelling of the Lefever name. Eventually we managed to narrow down the fact that her grandfather changed the spelling of his surname and in fact he was actually a Lefever from the East End of London. What was even more rewarding was to find that we are distantly related, Claire is my 7th cousin once removed.

More UK records

I have been continuing to work my way through the 1939 register and have added more records from this repository. As a result I have managed to de-duplicate some records and also add existing entries into families. The new ‘record hint’ feature is helping with this family assignation. There are a total of 259 new individual entries in the database.

I have also spent some time looking into the Shaw-Lefever family. I have some more work to do in the coming weeks before I can pull together their family story. They are quite a dynasty.

Update to Lefever GB records

An additional 386 new individuals have been added to the Lefever GB records. A handful of duplicates have been combined and additional data added to another 452 individuals. The majority of the new individuals are as a result of the availability of the 1939 Register and so as a result are records mainly from the 20th century.

Lefever GB records update

I have updated the Lefever GB records set with 72 additional entries. I have also de-duplicated another 10 individuals and tied another 70+ single individuals into families. The majority of these changes have been made possible by the release of the 1939 Register. I have not even completed all the first name beginning with A entries in the 1939 Register yet so a lot more work to do.

Lefever UK record update

Many new records have been added to the UK dataset. These are mainly from the late 1600’s through to the early 1800’s. There are now over 3,000 individuals in the UK dataset. I have also been adding some records to the Belgium and France datasets and I will be uploading these to the website in the next few days.

More India records and new country Myanmar (Burma)

I have now finished inputting the remaining marriages in India into the database. This has added nearly 40 additional individuals to this record set. Whilst browsing the images on FindMyPast I found that several had been transcribed as India when in fact they occurred in Burma (now Myanmar). As a result I have added a new country and 26 individuals into this new record set. All data is now up to date on the website. I have an update to check and upload to the South Africa dataset and hope to have that available in the next few days.

India records updated

FindMyPast has added several new sources to its Indian record collection. I have added a significant number of marriages to the Indian records mainly from the Calcutta area. I am about 50% of the way through inputting these new records so more to follow shortly.

Lefever UK large update

Over the last few weeks I have updated the UK records with an additional 168 individuals. I have also added additional data to another 67 records and rectified 5 duplicate records. These new and updated records are mainly from the period 1700 to 1840 and the majority are non-conformist records. So if you have any early ancestors that you have not found previously now may be the time to search for them.

UK data update

After some time off doing other things genealogical I have just done a fairly large update to the UK data file set. I have added 270 new records, updated just over 100 records adding additional life events and also pruned nearly 50 duplicate records.

I have added some data supplied by Simon Last and by Brian Hawkins. My thanks to them for contributing to this ongoing study.