UK data cleanup

I was recently contacted by a Lefever descendant who lives in Canada. He passed on copies of some birth certificates of his UK ancestors. I had a certain amount of information already about his ancestors but this added some more significant clues to this particular family.

As a result I did some focussed research on this family which resulted in adding over 50 new records to the dataset BUT more importantly it allowed me to get rid of some duplicate entries.

Initial research indicates that we may be very distantly related through a common ancestor born in the early 1700’s. There is a lot more work to do before I can positively prove this though.

I store all the data that I find in my research and sometimes this is only a rough date and place for an event. It is clear that I may have data for the birth of a person, details of a marriage and death details. If I have found these as a result of separate research then they can be recorded as 3 entries. It is only when I can positively tie the three events to one individual that I can amalgamate the records and de-duplicate the data published here on the site.

My thanks to Ed for passing on these details and helping me to rationalise the database.