Update of GB data

I have just done a small data update to the GB data file. I have added 38 more records mainly from records on http://findagrave.com

There were a few interesting stories discovered during this update and the first was a very tragic one

  1. I found the burial records for 6 children all under 17 months of age, from the same family, buried in the same plot between 1802 and 1818 in Chingford East London.
  2. I found William Lefevre in Canterbury in Kent. He and his wife Frances had a total of 17 children in 19 years, it must have been a baby production line.
  3. I found the suicide in 1846 of Sir George Lefevre a doctor in London. I would like to find a bit more about his story
  4. I found the death of Squadron Leader Peter Lefevre in 1944. I would certainly like to find out more about Peter’s wartime service and life.

That is all for this update. I have a lot more data that just needs to be entered into the database as I have had a lot of success recently finding records.