Data Update 5th July 2012

I found a significant number of Lefevre’s in the Channel Islands, I suppose this is not that unexpected given how close the islands are to the French coast. Rather than incorporate these individuals into the GB database I decided to create one for the Channel Islands only. It is now available here.

I have added 81 new individuals to this database and they are now all on-line. One interesting observation is that the majority of individuals that I have found so far are on Jersey rather than one of the other islands. The common name variant here seems to be Le Feuvre but from the records I have seen Le Fevre and Lefevre also seem to be used as common variants by the individuals depending on the records that are looked at. These French spellings, I suspect, are to be expected given the fact that some of the islanders speak French and so I have not yet found any occurrences of the Anglicised Lefever.

Of these 81 new individuals 18 of them originated in France but the rest came from the islands. This has allowed me to add the 18 additional entries to the French database and one of these people emigrated to Australia and died there and so that allowed me to add another individual to that dataset too.

A few of these people are ‘living on their own means’, which again is only to be expected given the wealth of the islands. There are some large families too as well as some early deaths of male spouses.

That is all for now I think I will take a few days off and do another update next week.