Data update 3rd July 2012

Today I have added an additional 29 records to the GB data set and also tracked down a few more duplicates and combined their records.

It is funny how things change your focus whilst doing this data update I found that a LEFEVER  married a DARRINGTON. What made this significant was that my maternal grandmothers’ second husband (she had 3 in total) was a DARRINGTON, I happened to mention it to my mother on the telephone and she asked if that person was related to her mothers husband. This is something that I am still investigating and there is a slim chance that they may be related in that in the 1881 census there were only 253 people recorded with the name DARRINGTON and only 394 recorded with LEFEVER / LEFEVRE. As a result of this conversation I realised that I hadn’t looked in the 1911 census for my grandmothers husband as the last time I did any research on him it was not available. He was in the census and so i was able to update my ancestral records with these details and a few more that I found about him on Ancestry.

This newly added data includes the first details that I have traced for any LEFEVER’S in Wales. Both of them came from Cambridgeshire where they were born 30 odd years apart and I have yet to find a familial relationship between them. One stayed and died in Wales the other moved on to County Durham where I believe he died but I have yet to find proof of this. I have also added a few more of the Bethnal Green residents to this dataset, there are so many in this area it can get a bit confusing at times.