GB data update 29th June

Since the last update I have added another 70 individuals to the GB data file. I have also resolved a further 10 duplicate entries.

I have also migrated to using Family Historian V5 as my programme of choice for storing all the data. This makes the creation of individual trees much easier than before. There is an exceptionally useful plug-in available for this genealogy programme Ancestral Sources. This makes the adding of census information to an entire family very easy and saves a lot of unnecessary duplication of typing effort. It can also add baptism and marriage records to all concerned individuals as well. It was worth the purchase price purely to speed up the census data entry.

A couple of interesting data items that I found in this update the spouse of one of the Lefevre’s went from owning his own pub for some 30 years to being employed as a barman in later life. I wonder if he drank all the profits?  There was one interesting first name in this update and that was Kezia from 1881 in Birmingham. This is not a name I have come across before and I wonder about its origins.

As the hot summer weather allows I will continue to do updates but they may become less frequent.