More Spanish records added

Following yesterday’s success of finding one Spanish record to start my Spain country study I found an additional 111 individuals who I have now entered into the Spanish database.

I have found a mixture of birth, marriage and census records. Virtually all of these records list the names of the subjects parents and so in some cases I managed to track an additional generation.

The unusual thing about Spanish surnames is that children inherit both parents surnames in they then are included in the surname of the child, one as the first surname and one as the second surname. This also makes tracking people down so much easier and also really aids family reconstructions.

One interesting record I found was that of a lady of 66 years old marrying a man of only 46 years of age. This took place in 1883 so it looks like ‘Toy Boys’ were know long before the current era.

The most common variant of the surname in Spain from these records is Lefebre.